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Renee’ for the Republic is a former award-winning news journalist (for TV, radio and print) who steadfastly believes in truth, justice and the American way. She has a heart for all people around the world. And a heartfelt devotion to the USA and our Constitution, which has historically served as a firewall against tyranny.

She’s sick as a dog of the news media going to the dogs. Aren’t you, too, infuriated by fake news, propaganda-pushing, communist-promoting agendas, half-truths, twists, deceptions, manipulations, mental gymnastics, ruthless smears, cancel-culture crap and censorship? We’ll be exposing the garbage and taking out the trash.

Whether hard-hitting or humorous, this Star Spangled Chick’s writing gets to the heart of the matter and pulls no punches. Please share with friends, family, and anyone who appreciates news and views where full Truth is championed.

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Contact us via: or Renee’ for the Republic / The Star Spangled Chick, P.O. Box 22103, Knoxville, Tennessee, 37933 USA.

We’re out in the mission field daily, fighting for your liberties. And championing to bring back the USA-loving lifestyle!

Story and Pic Contest

Why do you love America? What jolted you awake that the USA is under attack both internally and externally? Converted from liberalism? How did that change your heart? What are you doing to help save this country? Know someone who would make a great story about grit and glory? Have a story you’ve written, or a pic you’ve taken that exemplifies any of the above? If chosen, you could win a chick tee-shirt or mug. Email us at with the subject line: Contest. Include full name, street address (no P.O. Boxes), zip code, phone, and (required) permission for publication. Thank you for your patriotic spirit!