Protecting liberties for all. Revitalizing a USA-loving life. Fighting for future generations.
Launched on a patriotic July 4th, this mission is already capturing attention from sea to shining sea. With a master’s degree and a passion for patriotism, Renee’ for the Republic’s goal is to educate, resonate and mass motivate. A former award-winning news journalist who can speak about most any topic, Renee’ is promoting patriotism as a lifestyle[...]Read More
Star Spangled Chick

The Hatching of a Mission

This is the story of a small-town girl who went to Washington, the epicenter of the world. Worked at the Capitol for a Congressman amid movers and shakers. Lived in D.C. just long enough to know that there’s no other country in the world like the grand and gloriously free U.S.A.

At the National Archives Museum, that young lady peered inside a highly-protected, bullet proof, oxygenated, glass-display case featuring special high-tech lighting designed to keep ancient documents from fading. Inside? The sacred Constitution written in 1787. The Declaration of Independence. And the Bill of Rights. Guards stood by and, for a moment, it seemed time stood still. The experience was etched in her mind forever.

One day she would become a parent, blessed with a miracle baby. One day, as her only child became a teen, this mom would be mortified to witness the U.S.A. spiraling.

Manipulative maneuvering and indoctrinations by socialist Marxists. Lures of propagandized, empty promises of “free” this and that. Anti-American determination to deceptively dismantle and rip apart the Constitutional documents guarding our freedoms.

Tired of witnessing this bullying and butchery, she took a God-given vision for this rescue mission and ran with it. Forging forward, on faith and a shoestring.

Inspiring to bring the patriotic, values-cherishing, freedom-loving lifestyle back! Who says we can’t reclaim the good ol’ days?

And that, my friends, is the short version of how Renee’ for the Republic / The Star Spangled Chick was hatched. Join this mission to unite, restore and soar! Together, we can take our country back!

Born for such a time as this! Hold the line! Let’s roll!

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Available for interviews and speaking engagements, most any topic, including living a patriotic, USA-lovin’ lifestyle at home, work, church and play. This fired-up former journalist is also a protective parent who cares about improving mental, physical and spiritual health.

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“Renee’s worked with a number of leaders and celebrities and knows how to get things done. She’s determined to leave a lasting legacy and I have no doubt she’ll do just that.” — best-selling author, celebrity photographer and popular, national speaker Gene Ho.

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Pray it Forward

Life is hard. Life without God and liberties? Way harder. Whether you’re a believer or not, my church and I would love to pray for you. Be assured your requests will be lifted to the Loving Creator and Heavenly Father. All are precious in His sight. Our Contact Us form has a prayer request option. Or, if you prefer to provide less info, simply email with Prayer in the subject line. Only first names are used with the requests.

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Mission Mascots

Our family’s rescue underdogs — Patriot Pet Peeve and Willie Jack — are ready to help rescue and restore America from dog days to glory days! When they star in special appearances, they may dye their hair red, white and blue and put on a sparkly costume. They are star-spangled pooches who love U.S. history, blueberries, ruffling feathers, and scaring the daylights out of chipmunks.Click here to see their top-dog selections for living the USA-loving lifestyle.

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Contact us via: or Renee’ for the Republic / The Star Spangled Chick, P.O. Box 22103, Knoxville, Tennessee, 37933 USA.

We’re out in the mission field daily, fighting for your liberties. And championing to bring back the USA-loving lifestyle!

Story and Pic Contest

Why do you love America? What jolted you awake that the USA is under attack both internally and externally? Converted from liberalism? How did that change your heart? What are you doing to help save this country? Know someone who would make a great story about grit and glory? Have a story you’ve written, or a pic you’ve taken that exemplifies any of the above? If chosen as a winner you could win a T-shirt or a coffee mug. Email us at with the subject line: Contest. Include full name, street address (no P.O. Boxes), zip code, phone, and (required) permission for publication. Thank you for your patriotic spirit!