NEW movement! All about protecting liberties for all. And revitalizing a USA-loving lifestyle!

Mission and Chick Nuggets

Guardian of Freedom American Way of Life

Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right!

Feel like we’re on a greased bobsled to Hades in a handbasket? Never before at this level has the USA been under such alarming, insane, immoral assaults from enemies both domestic and foreign! For many years, socialists / Marxists with communist ties and mega-money have strategically infiltrated every aspect of American life and family. A greatly weakened America is vulnerable to tyranny and takeover.

Sadly, churches and chicken pastors in denial have caved to pressures and money-driven cultural compliance. CINOs (Christians in Name Only) and RINOs (Republicans in Name Only). Shameful!

A devious indoctrination — spreading confusion, division, anti-Americanism, censorship, propaganda and persecution (especially of God-loving conservatives) — is now becoming widespread.

Got a Backbone, for Such a Time as This?

Listen up, if we’re to retake and restore our beloved Constitutional Republic, we can no longer be chickens. We must become bold and brave eagles with backbones! Amen? United we stand: to educate, resonate, captivate and motivate. From the young to the old, throughout this country and the world.

This is a movement for both Chicks and Roosters for the Republic. There’s no time to peck around. Help is needed to hold the line!”

Time to Fly High, Here’s How to Help!

Join a charged-up Chick in this eagle-effort by tuning in here and on social media. Will be ramping up to educate and motivate the masses via speaking engagements, news appearances, blogs, podcasts, videos, merchandise and memes. I’m even lasso-ing our rescue canine (Patriot) pet Peeve, who is doggone dedicated to rescuing this Republic. Hey, if even my dog can help save the USA, what can you do? Please consider any of these actions:

  • prayers as we forge forward
  • find the Star Spangled Chick on social media, like, follow and share
  • refer for a news media interview, speaking engagement, connect with leaders and celebrities
  • provide a written endorsement and permission to use
  • recommend a like-minded business as a sponsor, merch provider, or tech expert (computer, video, etc.)
  • and / or leave a legacy of freedom via donation of any amount, perhaps in honor or in memory of a person or a group. Regular, recurring donations and sponsorships best fortify the cause. For more info, contact
  • Please note, in order to maintain our independence, we are not a 501-3c non-profit.

Thank you so much in advance! Last but not least, please let us know your prayer requests. Stresses are high and morale is low. We’re all about Praying it Forward, sharing encouragement, and supporting various charities.

My peeps, don’t think you can’t make a difference! Peacefully protest with creative zest. Ruffle feathers on a local, state and national basis. Squawk loud and clear for bona fide Constitution-protecting-and-God-honoring measures. Fight mandates! Battle to uncover election fraud via forensic investigations and insist on voter I.D. If we don’t, this country is…sad to say…a sitting, dead duck.

Fed up and fired up, speaking up! I want my country back! Do you? What sacrifices are we willing to make? Who on the front lines will you support?

Together, let’s fight for the hearts and minds of this generation and all to follow. Let’s leave a legacy of liberty! Let’s roll!


Renee’ for the Republic, M.S., CMO Chief Mission Officer, The Star Spangled Chick
Luke 4:18….”to proclaim liberty to the captives.”

Chick Nuggets

  • All-American parent, devoted wife, a crusader championing God-honoring liberties for all and a USA-loving lifestyle.
  • Master’s degree in Health Promotion, 4.0 GPA. Mass Communications degree and expertise.
  • Formerly in D.C., working for a Congressman at the Capitol. Award-winning news journalist (print, radio and TV), communications professional, special-events producer, indomitable influencer — moving, shaking and waking!
  • Have interviewed or worked with various celebrities and leaders including Nobel Peace Prize winner and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel; Chick-fil-A founder and philanthropist Truett Cathy; TV’s Dr. Phil McGraw; commentator Glenn Beck; Dr. Ben Carson and many others.
  • Favorite scripture: Luke 4:18 (…for I have called you) to “proclaim liberty to the captives.”

Meet Patriot Pet Peeve
anti-communist canine and mission mascot

Meet our mascot, rescue dog Patriot Pet Peeve, who is working doggone hard to help America go from “ruff” to “restored.” A former communist canine quarantined and imprisoned, Peeve was bone-a-fide miserable until our family came to the rescue, showing her “howl” to become a capitalist canine. Today she’s reaching the hearts and minds of children, youth and the elderly especially…teaching them to “pawsitively” love themselves and the USA. A children’s book is on the horizon. Peeve helps select favorite Chick Picks too, click here.

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Contact Info

Contact us via: or Renee’ for the Republic / The Star Spangled Chick, P.O. Box 22103, Knoxville, Tennessee, 37933 USA.

We’re out in the mission field daily, fighting for your liberties. And championing to bring back the USA-loving lifestyle!

Story and Pic Contest

Why do you love America? What jolted you awake that the USA is under attack both internally and externally? Converted from liberalism? How did that change your heart? What are you doing to help save this country? Know someone who would make a great story about grit and glory? Have a story you’ve written, or a pic you’ve taken that exemplifies any of the above? If chosen, you could win a chick tee-shirt or mug. Email us at with the subject line: Contest. Include full name, street address (no P.O. Boxes), zip code, phone, and (required) permission for publication. Thank you for your patriotic spirit!