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Chick Picks

These are some of the things The Star Spangled Chick loves! And recommends!  For both Chicks and Roosters, check out our top picks, from travel destinations to home and pet goods, hearth and holiday products to beauty, clothes, health, veteran-made gifts and everything in between.

Please contact The Chick if you’d like to be featured in our USA-lovin’ lifestyle: Check back for our rotating recommendations.

Your Fate: F8 for Optimal Health

It’s important to connect with experts skilled in determining the root causes of a wide range of health issues. We highly recommend F8 Well Centers led by Dr. Ben Galyardt, D.C., who is board certified in Integrative Medicine. Dr. Galyardt, the Founder and CEO, developed The Galyardt Method which utilizes an individualized, customized approach to address chronic health problems. He is also a world-recognized speaker in Neurofeedback and Brain Regeneration. Contact F8 Well Centers so they can hear of your specific concerns and guide you on a path toward healing. Remote (telehealth) options are available.

Visit their website at

Call: (970) 282-1173


Please tell them Renee’ for the Republic recommended.

Soul Sanctuary

Sanctuary for your soul! Enjoy the lakeside scenery, peaceful during all seasons. Dinners are delightful, with chef’s options for gluten-free, such as a chocolate ganache flourless cake topped by fresh raspberries. Breakfasts overlooking the water are divine. In Tennessee, a tranquil, spiritual refreshing awaits. Tell them The Star Spangled Chick sent you.

Butter Your Biscuits!

Buttered biscuits, chicken and dumplin’s, and cozy furniture, oh my! Visit her restaurant in Pigeon Forge, TN. Shout out about the Star Spangled Chick, but don’t talk with your mouth full! And find her furniture line at Knoxville Wholesale Furniture.

Cool Clothing

There are cool shirts and then there are really cool shirts. Just like cool dudes. My friend, JR Fitch, whom I call the Lion King, designs kingdom wear. Check it out at Tell him the lioness Renee’ for the Republic sent you.

All American Comfort

He’s the pillow guy who is waking up America to nightmares such as socialistic Marxism. And he’s selling some of the best quality sheets, blankets, robes and slippers on the market. Do all your holiday and special occasion shopping at Tell Mike that the Star Spangled Chick won’t slumber until everyone’s eyes are wide open.

Off Grid Ready

Ready For What's To Come?

How can people be controlled by socialistic globalists? One way is through shortages such as food, water, electricity, fuel, information and so forth. This Chick is serious about helping awaken and alert. We recommend preparation for peace of mind. Call Zack at Off Grid Ready and ask for advice on what you may need — from products to training. Visit Be sure to tell him the Star Spangled Chick sent you.

Thanks to All Military

We owe a debt of gratitude to our military and law enforcement. This personalized ornament will show your support for small businesses, too.

Cherry pie

The Pie is the Limit!

Cherry pie is cherry-licious but the Chick testifies that their chocolate gluten-free is life-changing. OK, maybe a bit of an exaggeration but it could feel like fireworks for your tastebuds! For every holiday and special occasion — from Valentine’s to Momma’s Day to July 4th and beyond — they have delicious, classic flavors sure to please a crowd. Visit the fine folks at Ask if — for every pie you order — will they ship The Chick a chocolate one for free?

Good Music, Great Reads

Music and books that are a few of The Chick’s Picks: Grab Lee Greenwood’s autographed CD for your favorite patriot at

Peruse a celebrity photographer’s best-seller “Trumpography,” by my friend Gene Ho, who is much-in-demand as a national speaker. Purchase at

And fortify yourself with “On the Front Lines, Exposing Satan’s Tactics To Destroy A Generation” by another friend, Dr. Nathan Street. Available on

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Story and Pic Contest

Why do you love America? What jolted you awake that the USA is under attack both internally and externally? Converted from liberalism? How did that change your heart? What are you doing to help save this country? Know someone who would make a great story about grit and glory? Have a story you’ve written, or a pic you’ve taken that exemplifies any of the above? If chosen as a winner you could win a T-shirt or a coffee mug. Email us at with the subject line: Contest. Include full name, street address (no P.O. Boxes), zip code, phone, and (required) permission for publication. Thank you for your patriotic spirit!