Protecting liberties for all. Revitalizing a USA-loving life. Fighting for future generations.

Wind Beneath our Wings

The wings that enabled this country to fly high are being clipped, ripped, stripped and crippled. Our beloved freedom-protecting Constitution is under an unprecedented level of immoral assault, by enemies both foreign and domestic. Their goal is to cause confusion, division, distractions and chaos — to rip apart the very fabric and the families of this nation in order to “re-set, re-build, and re-imagine.” Make no mistake, the crafty and deceptive promises of Democrat socialist / Marxist / globalists are full of empty promises and ultimately lead to an unrecognizable land brought to its knees.

How? By controlling the news media, exerting censorship, enabling election fraud, dismantling the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and our First and Second amendments, to name a few.

Control over the people, brought about by purposefully bankrupting the U.S., causing poverty and dependence upon the government. Their latest schemes involve mandates that began with masks and experimental injections, and — if not stopped — will branch to requiring digital passports which will extend governmental control over banking, health and social scores for compliance. Plus, ushering a constant flood of illegal immigrants who will likely become Democrat voters for “free everything.”

Last but not least, the normalizing of insane immorality and the sidelining of any respect for justice and moral authority. Ultimately there’s misery. Except for the elites.

For such a time as this, what will be your legacy? Will it be one of freedom, not only for now but for future generations? An effective way to assure and attain that priceless legacy is to fight for it by coming alongside and supporting those who are out in the trenches daily — mass educating, captivating and motivating. That takes fuel. Wind to rehab and to uplift the wings.

To protect liberties, we chicks and roosters must be bold and brave eagles! Please stand, united, to assist in sustaining this mission as we empower the young to the old, throughout the country and the world.

Ways YOU can help:

  • Ongoing prayers for protection, favor and fortitude
  • Find the Star Spangled Chick on social media: like, follow, highlight and share (this website too!). Recruit others.
  • Email a written endorsement
  • Refer for news media interviews / speaking engagements
  • All donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. Monthly partners and stable sponsors are essential: you, family, friends, places of worship, businesses, clubs, etc.
  • Suggest like-minded businesses and individuals who could sponsor
  • Use the donate buttons and gift any amount.  Also, for various sponsorship levels, please contact
  • Consider organizing a fund-raiser or crowdfunding (with our permission in advance)
  • Donate to honor loved ones and groups, veterans, teachers, students, law enforcement, military, pastors, etc.
  • Provide in-kind services / products such as I.T., video / film, equipment, promo items, giveaways, merch, travel-related, etc.
  • Consider a legacy donation that will help preserve USA-loving liberties long after you’ve passed on
  • Please note, in order to remain independent, we are not and have not applied to be a 501-3C non-profit. However, this ministry is structured as a different type of non-profit.
  • We believe in supporting other ministries and charities which encompass preserving liberties, helping the homeless, preserving the sanctity of life for all stages, aiding single moms, and fighting human trafficking.

Help hold the line for the hearts and minds of this generation and for all to follow! Thank you and blessings to you!

Renee for the Republic, M.S.

CMO (Chief Mission Officer)

the Star Spangled Chick

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We’re out in the mission field daily, fighting for your liberties. And championing to bring back the USA-loving lifestyle!

Story and Pic Contest

Why do you love America? What jolted you awake that the USA is under attack both internally and externally? Converted from liberalism? How did that change your heart? What are you doing to help save this country? Know someone who would make a great story about grit and glory? Have a story you’ve written, or a pic you’ve taken that exemplifies any of the above? If chosen as a winner you could win a T-shirt or a coffee mug. Email us at with the subject line: Contest. Include full name, street address (no P.O. Boxes), zip code, phone, and (required) permission for publication. Thank you for your patriotic spirit!