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America’s Future, a MIS-fortune Cookie?

KNOWLEDGE is power. (A quick summary to empower you for the upcoming year).

A BITE of 2023 and beyond mis-fortune cookie?

IF YOU THINK the last two years have been a real joy ride, oh the plans those in current power have for us in the new year and beyond. Will you be surprised by….?

Ongoing crippling inflation. Goal: bankrupt America by spending like fools gone mad. Bring the USA to its knees.

Growing shortages. People who are in need will get in government lines and obey. Ditto for people in fear.

Another in a series of plandemics, lockdowns, tyranny, forced experimental injections by government-Big Pharma $ collusion — all administered by smooth-talkers in the name of “protecting” you.

Increased censorship and persecuting harassment of opposition, especially conservatives and churches.

More propaganda and gaslighting. Should make your head swim and your gut wretch. (“This is not a recession. That’s a man not a woman. There’s no definition of a woman. That’s not a baby in the womb. Mutilating a young person confused by the marketing of immorality is “gender affirming care.” Drag queens aren’t sexualizing your kids, it’s just entertainment. Our borders are secure.” Etc.) Insanity! God help us!

“Blackouts” when corruption is to be potentially exposed (i.e. election fraud; whose pockets are getting lined at U.S. taxpayer expense; who is on the Epstein sex list?). By the way, Ukraine’s Zelensky is corrupt, cooperating with a massive money-laundering operation at the people’s expense.

Required digital currency that can be tracked and shut off like a faucet, depending on how well you’re complying with the government regime in power. The death of cash will be marketed as “for your convenience and to prevent identity theft.” Yes, this is a precursor to the mark of the beast (Bible prophecy) whereby no one will be allowed to buy or sell without taking a mark of some kind. For the record, regarding the latter, as for me and my house, that’s an epic NO.

Increased weaponization of the FBI, DOJ and government agencies against those in opposition to the regime in power.

More selling America’s citizens down the river and overall robbing us blind with little ability to leave a dime to our kids and grandkids.

…and that’s just for starters. What would you add to this list?

REMEMBER socialistic communist-globalist elites are all about control over the people and laundering profits while de-populating by various means (abortion, bioweapons, pushing gender confusion, etc.)

THEY’RE THE KIND who will tell you that a “Green New Deal” is imperative because climate change is an impending catastrophe with oceans rising, but will own oceanfront mega-mansions on the coast. Their anti-America agendas are certainly not about serving or valuing we the people, though they will slickly tell you they’re all for “democracy.”

THEY JUST have to keep enough people deceived and believing their lies (with the help of a corrupted, synchronized media) — you know, their claims they are “building back better.” They need people who are so “woke” and demanding of “anything-goes immorality” that their consciences can no longer discern and SEE Truth — spiritual or otherwise. Tragically, the pride-filled blind are enabling the demise of a Godly USA.

REVIVAL is critical. There needs to be a change in the “climate” all right (!) and it needs to be an on-our-knees repentance, begging for a merciful intervention from our Almighty God and Creator. That’s paramount for 2023.

GOD is looking for those who claim to be Christian to actually get out of the pews and stand up for what’s right — to fight evil tooth and nail. No matter what it takes.

IF WE don’t unite, rise up, speak up and spread the word now — battling for righteousness and liberty….then, sad to say, we’re certainly not in for a happy…nor a healthy…new year or in the years ahead. Renee’ for the Republic, M.S.,

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