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What Have We Become?

TODAY’S ON-TARGET FEATURE: The founder of Dutch Sheets Ministries. He labors to equip the church in governmental intercession, challenging believers to passionate prayer for worldwide revival.

IN THIS SEGMENT, he once again nails it. If we don’t authentically repent, turn away from anything which dishonors our Creator, and seek revival, it’s America who will be nailed. We’re already bleeding out morally, financially and spiritually. The choice is ours.

I ENCOURAGE you to listen to his “Give Him 15” devotional video. (For the video scroll to the bottom of that page).


“WHO would have thought a generation ago that the primary battle of our time would be over the legality of killing babies in the womb (and even the survivors of this cruelty)? Add to this the harvesting and selling of their body parts, and one can only weep. What have we become?

WHO would have believed that our government would one day tell parents they had no right to know what the state was teaching their children, much less doing to their childrens’ bodies? Sterilization and mutilation!? Are you serious? It is insidious, insane, and should be criminal.

WHO would have believed America’s leaders would sanction half-nude perverts dancing for kindergartners while rubbing their crotch? Our President, Vice President, former Speaker of the House, Senate Majority Leader, and the members of their Party in Congress have no problem with this. If they do, they certainly haven’t said so.

WHO would have believed that our once great America would be led by a senile man who can barely communicate, habitual liars in Congress, and a Supreme Court Justice claiming that defining the difference between a man and a woman is too difficult? Men now wear dresses to the President’s Cabinet meetings.

WHO would have believed that our government would one day lead us into debt to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars, while continuing to take billions of our hard-earned dollars for foolish projects and personal gain? How narcissistic do leaders have to be to vote for the creation of buildings and trails bearing their name, while millions of Americans must choose between heat, medicine, or food?

HOW self-absorbed and addicted to power must leaders become to prioritize future votes – through open borders – over the lives of a hundred thousand young people killed annually by fentanyl? They could end this tragedy almost overnight if they wanted to. Trump had it reduced drastically by controlling the border. The sad truth is that those in charge care more about votes than they do these young lives. Their hesitation to even talk about these immeasurable losses – how often do you hear them bring it up? – betrays their priorities.

HOW deceived must a people become to believe (socialism) Marxism could succeed…to be okay with a leader of our military who is more loyal to Chinese leaders than our own President…to believe a “woke” but weak military is acceptable in today’s world, that anything but strength could guarantee peace…that anarchy and violence now trumps law and order…and that police are bad while criminals are victims?

AS MUCH AS we don’t like it, God did us a huge favor in 2020 by allowing this evil to be exposed. The truth is that the swamp is far deeper and larger than any of us realized. The muck and mire are putrid. Evil, corruption, and depravity rule our nation. America is lost – hopelessly lost. We are past the point of a human solution.”

WHAT HAVE WE BECOME? What’s to come on this putrid path? (Galatians 6:7)

So thankful for bold men and women such as Dutch Sheets (and our rare and brave pastors at our own church) who are speaking the truth and sounding the alarm, trying to shake up and wake up the American church from its slothful and sickening slumber. Renee’ for the Republic, M.S., Follow at Star Spangled Chick (public figure).

FURTHER recommended reading: “Letter to the American Church” by author, speaker and radio / TV host Eric Metaxas.

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