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(a 5 min. or so read asking: are you mad as a hornet yet?)

WITH A BACKGROUND IN MARKETING and public relations, I have a keen, trained eye regarding how socialist / Marxist / leftists have craftily twisted Truth into unrecognizable, nauseating shockers. Then they relentlessly market those manipulations until people are indoctrinated, especially our children and teens. To satan’s delight! Remember, satan promotes the opposite of what God wants. Death instead of health. Tyranny instead of freedom. Insanity instead of sanity.

HOW ABOUT just a few examples? Such as their push labeling that “abortion” (murder) is…(gasp! gag!)….”healthcare.” Wait, what??!!! They’re literally promoting that, in exchange for $ money, life be sucked out of innocent, de-valued human beings and that they be dismembered and discarded into trash cans and / or baby body parts be sold for profit. What happened to the healthcare oath, “Do no harm”? What happened to God’s commandment, “Thou shalt not murder?”

TO THESE shysters I’d say this: OH, you must not believe in God nor the Bible? Or, only on your terms? Sorry to hear but here’s a newsflash — just because you don’t believe does not mean He nor His Holy Word goes away, or bends to your desires. Your wishing won’t make it so. It won’t cancel out the existence of a heaven and a hell.

SWITCHING GEARS, how about this Democrat doozy: Requiring a basic I.D. as a citizen in order to vote — they claim that somehow goes against “voter rights.” Wait, what?! You need a valid, picture I.D. to check out a book at the library but somehow it’s “racist” to require an I.D. to cast a vote? Manipulative baloney, which only makes cheating easier.

SO WHEN The Democrat Socialist Left today claims that a man can supposedly have a baby, for millions of us we are not only sickened but we are stunned. Our eyes roll and our stomachs churn. We’ve had enough laughable nonsense! We won’t be bullied into a nutty narrative. Yep, sling your mud, but yes, as a matter of fact we certainly are close-minded….to crap.

HATS OFF to people like Seth Dillon, founder and CEO of The Babylon Bee, who refuse to cave. Who just say NO to the eroding of objective Truth, a communistic plot designed to deceive and destroy America into chaos, from the inside out. Chicken churches and pastors are guilty of compliance.

JUST LOOK AROUND, we’re now living in a weakened land of immoral insanity and….worse….those who speak against the propaganda are being bullied, censored, shut down, punished and persecuted. Here in America under this current regime! If you think it won’t get worse, I’d like to crown you Denial Queen or King and offer some oceanfront property in Arizona.

READ WHAT Seth says to do: when this sick culture tries to pummel you into saying that two plus two equals five, you tell them to buzz off! Use zingers and stingers!

I’VE SAID IT AND I’ll keep saying it until I’m, um, red in the face. As my granny used to say, get mad as a hornet!

IF you love someone you tell them the FULL, unadulterated Truth that is grounded in a Holy God. Why? Because every soul matters. Now and eternally. That’s not hate speech, that’s love speech. Let The Love flow freely!

For such a time as this, Renee’ for the Republic, M.S., the Star Spangled Chick

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