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Tackling Hot Topics on a National Podcast

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PEEPS and EAGLES, YOU’RE INVITED to relax with a hot drink and listen to the Star Spangled Chick take on some hot topics, as an invited guest on this national podcast. Prepare to become deputized!

FAIR warning: NO GUARANTEES that socialist-communist types won’t spit out their drink while listening!

LINK at bottom below, but BEFORE DIVING IN, keep in mind:
This podcast is nearly 48 minutes, so check it out in chunks if you wish, but do listen to the whole shootin’ match. (Menu of topics, in order, in the promo pic below).

The host generously gave me free rein and the floor, so I took it!
When I’m “going off” about how information regarding this experimental gene therapy is being suppressed, I speak of the fact there are no long-term studies on safety. While the mRNA has been studied for awhile, there are zero long-term studies for safety for this specific usage! And virtually no liability. It’s important to note that the actual, original inventor of the mRNA technology platform, Dr. Robert Malone, is trying to sound alarms about risks. Why is this fear-pushing government regime, $ Big Bucks Pharma and the leftist media trying to shut down voices (communist-style) which are raising valid questions?

Across the board — counter moves, counter voices and counter actions — all necessary if we’re to salvage the USA. I didn’t get a chance to harp on becoming more proactive plus visible protest-wise, but we must! No more quiet compliance, “hoping things will get better” kumbaya-style. Don’t get me started on lukewarm pastors who are encouraging their congregations to stay asleep but just keep the tithes rolling in. Meanwhile our religious freedoms slowly disintegrate.

Wish I’d reserved more time to talk about preparing for food shortages.

THANK YOU, peeps, for sharing this too. The Star Spangled Chick welcomes feedback as well as referrals to other podcasts and media. Those are easy ways, friends, that you can help in the daily fight for your and your children’s freedoms! — Keep the faith, R’ for the Republic, M.S.


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