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Like Pastor Artur, Become a Lion Against Hyenas

HEY LUKEWARM PASTORS, how long will you slumber?! You’re afraid to rock the boat. You’re chicken to confront this anything-goes-immoral, insane culture. You’re not standing up to fear-pushing tyranny, being “mandated” under the guise of a virus. You avoid sounding the alarm about freedoms being eroded!

YOU’RE SPINELESS when it comes to preaching the FULL gospel! Your lullabyes and sugarcoatings to your congregations may keep the cash flow coming and your “accolades” intact, but — if you keep letting things deteriorate — one day they could very well be coming for you. Your compliance only strengthens evil.

WHEN will you wake up and do your job as a shepherd, warning against hyenas and wolves, protecting your flock in these Last Days? Asking nicely but firmly for a friend! You might just want to tune in to what my hero, persecuted Pastor Artur Pawlowski, has to say. I’ve interviewed him twice to date and so have others worldwide.

See if this video provides a much-needed jolt!?

For such a time as this, Renee’ for the Republic, M.S., the Star Spangled Chick

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