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Of Beauty and Brutality

This sacred season

That’s the scene picked for the Christmas card I designed.

OR A SNOWFALL CAN BE BRUTAL. Many are going through what could be described as icy-cold, brutal blizzards. In a world gone wild — insanely and morally adrift — where people are being divided and purposefully separated. And where human life itself is allowed to be de-valued.

IN THAT AVALANCHE, we can thank God for a Savior who offers everyone a repentant, sheltering salvation and a welcoming seat at the table. A heavenly homeplace where there will be no pain….no agonies from deceptions, lies, fears, betrayals, losses, loneliness, weariness, addictions, deep disappointments, bills piled high, jealousies, tyranny, worn-out bodies, and sleepless worry.
IF we let Him, it is only God who can turn the hazardous, slippery slope…that blizzard of heartache (some self-created; some forced upon us by others)….into a peaceful path which eventually leads us to a warm and welcoming heavenly home.

FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS, our doors are again open to anyone desiring companionship, encouragement and a good meal. Speaking the truth in love, we do not condone nor will we enable the coercive division we are witnessing where people are divided, de-valued, discriminated against and discarded, based upon a bullying vaccination status, passing a test or wearing a mask. People are in denial about the tyrannical tentacles of this, until it slowly devolves into a Nazi-like, yellow-star-labeled point of no return.

DON’T BELIEVE IT? Dig past the censorship, which is itself an alarm. Research the reich-like restrictiveness already in Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Canada (pastors being arrested) etc. for starters. I saw a TV news interview this week about a couple in Germany with a new baby who are desperately trying to escape because the father is not allowed to hold a job and provide for his family! (Read Revelation 13:17. Critical thinkers ought to be asking: could viruses be used by anti-God-governments as a weapon to control the masses?).

CLOSER TO HOME, the other day I read a blog which was sadly disturbing….the writer (an influential PR/marketing exec) was describing her luxurious holiday event, bragging that it required showing proof of vaccination. She cared nothing about excluding those who declined an irreversible injection (with zero long-term studies for this C-19 usage)….who were ‘left out in the cold.’ She should have called her selective soiree “Caviar But Not For Those Yellow Stars.” Ugh. In fact, from her pious stance, those human beings without an injection were viewed as “less than.”

WAIT, I thought ALL lives matter? Only those who follow a dictated, governmental narrative full of smoke-and-mirror numbers….with $billions being made by Big Pharma, largely exempt from liability? Only those lives whom these days are “valued” enough to survive nine months in the womb? (A fetus was the first to rejoice at the news of Jesus! Luke 1:41).

AS FOR US AND OUR HOME, we will serve the Lord and we will make decisions based upon a divine, wise and full-Truth-speaking faith. Not upon a world-driven, demanding, divisive, devilish-boosted fear.

People are not meant to live and operate from fear, as a divisive and fear-pushing satan desires. WHEN (fully) RECEIVING THE GREATEST GIFT OF MERCY EVER GIVEN, and by honoring the King of Kings with our everyday lives, we can know in our souls how much each of us is treasured.

Faith shouldn’t be placed in men nor in medicine, but instead in a manger, the real and everlasting reason for the season. Wise men and women still seek Him, above everything else. WE CAN RECEIVE and experience a soothing peace….like a beautiful snowfall. Merry CHRISTmas!

For such a time as this, Renee’ for the Republic, M.S., the Star Spangled Chick

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