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An excerpt from American Minute called “WE’VE FORGOTTEN THE HORRORS OF VALLEY FORGE.” Writer Bill Federer recounts the unspeakable bravery, deprivation of American patriot soldiers…

DATELINE: Oct. 7, 1777. British General Howe struck back in a fury, driving the patriots out of Philadelphia. In a panic, the Continental Congress evacuated, even taking the Liberty Bell with them so the British could not melt it into musket balls.

SOLDIERS at Valley Forge were (united) from every state in the new union, some as young as 12 and others as old as 60 (and up). Lacking food and supplies, soldiers died at the rate of twelve per day. Over 2,500 froze to death in bitter cold, or perished from hunger, typhoid, jaundice, dysentery, and pneumonia. In addition, hundreds of horses perished in the freezing, unbearable weather. Of the wives and children who followed the army, mending clothes and scavenging for food, an estimated 500 died.

TWO DAYS before Christmas, our General George Washington wrote: “We have this day no less than 2,873 men in camp unfit for duty because they are barefooted and otherwise naked.”
Hessian Major Carl Leopold Baurmeister noted the only thing that kept the American army from disintegrating was their “SPIRIT OF LIBERTY.”

A FARMER reportedly observed General Washington kneeling in prayer in the snow. He knew where to go for help, when the days and nights felt crushing and overwhelming.

THAT EXCERPT from history, which should be taught in every school, reminds us to be thankful for the great sacrifices that were made to free us from increasing tyranny.

WHAT SACRIFICES are we willing to make today? Because instead of alarms “the British are coming,” it is now “the socialist / Marxist / communists are coming.”

For such a time as this, Renee’ for the Republic, M.S., the Star Spangled Chick

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